HOUSTON, TX — (MARKETWIRE) — 08/23/11 — RedHouse Associates, one of Houston’s newest, startup accelerator teams, today announced a partnership with Onit, a leading provider of Enterprise Process Management (EPM) tools. RedHouse will work closely with Onit to accelerate product development, add functionality to its existing products and prepare it for future growth. Currently, Onit’s products serve all markets that have a need for affordable process management solutions.

“At a time when the broader economic conditions are distressing, we are delighted with the enthusiasm shown by RedHouse Associates for Onit,” said Eric M. Elfman, the CEO of Onit. “The exceptional caliber and management expertise of RedHouse Associates is a tremendous asset to the Onit team. We are excited about the market opportunity and believe that RedHouse Associates will help accelerate our growth.”

“After our first meeting with Onit, it was clear that they are able to deliver the next generation of Enterprise Process Management,” said Mike Clark of RedHouse Associates. “The founders of Onit are proven entrepreneurs and we are excited about the size of the market, the potential sales pipeline, and referenceable customer base.”

About RedHouse Associates, LLC

RedHouse Associates provides strategic advice and services to assist clients in developing business plans, devising product strategies, growing sales organizations, preparing senior management teams for interaction with investors, and advise our clients on raising capital and strategic exits. Visit www.RedHouseAssociates.com for more information.

About Onit

Onit was formed by legal software industry experts Eric M. Elfman and Eric A. Smith, co-founders of Datacert, a leading provider of enterprise spend management software. Launched in early 2010, Onit Project is a light-weight online project management and business collaboration tool for legal and business professionals. Onit Process, the company’s latest product release, is a game changer for all companies that need to be more efficient, productive and process-driven. Businesses have process for everything — whether it’s hiring a vendor or law firm, terminating an employee, submitting a contract for review, requesting a trademark request, obtaining an NDA, etc. Most of these processes are manual, paper intensive and cumbersome. Onit Process simplifies data collection and makes is easy for all employees to request business and legal services. Processes are automated in a few clicks and the responsible party is notified immediately. Onit is a simple, easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require any software to download. For more information, visit www.onit.com or contact 1-800-281-1330.

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