Legal Spend Management

Software that tracks legal spend and improves the predictability of legal costs.

Control Your Legal Spend

Onit’s legal spend management solution delivers a single platform that allows third parties—such as law firms and other vendors—to submit invoices securely and directly to the corporate legal department. Legal teams can track and manage all of their legal spend to gain a deeper visibility into legal costs, make smarter decisions about how they source legal work and improve the predictability of their legal spend.


Using Onit’s legal spend management solution, business rules can be configured to provide an automated review for compliance errors and routing for approval. The solution also provides comprehensive audit invoice review that stands up to internal and external compliance requirements.


Informed and proactive legal department leaders across the globe see huge advances in technology to increase visibility and efficiency, while reducing risk for their department. Now is the time to embrace change and technology innovation. The investment is minimal, and the rewards are considerable.

Enforce billing guidelines and manage timekeepers.
Reduce legal spend annually
Law firms and legal vendors use Onit’s BillingPoint service
Onit business users worldwide
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“Everything ADM did on this project was intended to optimize the law department function. The project was enterprise-wide, creating consistent and repeatable tools for improving and managing the law department. Strong teamwork, insight and analytics worked together to create sound and repeatable processes, and highly sustainable results.”
Improve Legal Cost Predictability
Onit helps lawyers gain a deeper understating of their legal costs to enable smarter decision-making.
Invoice Management
Manage invoices through the submission, review and approval processes in a single collaboration platform.
Billing Guidelines
Configure and enforce billing guidelines to analyze invoices.
Timekeeper Management
Keep track of authorized timekeepers and rates in one location.
Reporting & Dashboards Views
Analyze invoices, evaluate performance against budgets and see trends in your matter portfolio from your external law firms and vendors.
Advanced Security
Industry standard security and bank-grade encryption ensures your data remains confidential.
Maximize Savings
Track and analyze legal spend to minimize company risk and exposure.
Optimize Outside Counsel Selection
Use data-driven metrics to select the right resource, drive negotiations, and reduce costs.
Reduce Invoicing Processing Time
Drastically shorten the time and costs involved in processing invoices.
Guaranteed Compliance
Enforce consistency and compliance on all legal matters and documents.
The Power of the Platform

Built on Onit’s flexible and robust Apptitude platform, Onit’s legal spend management solution can forecast and process legal spend while fully managing engagements with outside counsel and legal vendors. The platform is highly configurable and can be tightly integrated to build comprehensive legal operations solutions such as contract lifecycle management, enterprise legal management, legal holds, legal service requests and matter management. Apptitude is a no-code platform that lets legal teams solve business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure.

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