Matter Management

Software that allows legal and business teams to gain visibility into their entire matter portfolio and legal risk.

Control your Matters

Onit’s Matter Management solution delivers visibility about your overall matter portfolio and provides real-time data and dashboards so you can monitor and track all your matters throughout their lifecycle. Legal team members have immediate access to critical matter, financial and performance metrics through simple information collection, management and workflow.

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House relevant data for legal matters in one location.
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Law firms and legal vendors use Onit’s BillingPoint service
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"The team enhanced spend management capabilities to enable the ops team to work smarter, depreciating matter management 'systems' like spreadsheets and SharePoint lists in favor of one ELM system of record that actually allowed for creating common processes and automation."
Track Legal Matters in One Location
Onit delivers clarity about your overall matter portfolio and serves as a system of engagement for your legal team.
Custom Intake & Matter Forms
Create custom intake and data forms for multiple matter types (i.e. litigation, employment, intellectual property, claims, etc.)
Outlook Integration
Synchronize matter information between Outlook and the associated Onit matter.
Robust Search
Utilize full-text search on all information—including documents, transaction details, emails or notes.
Flexible Workflow
Configure workflows relative to the matter type, dollar amount or by specific business rules.
Data Management
Critical matter information, including tasks, documents, and notes can be captured in just one click.
Email Notifications
Updates can be sent to matters within Onit through an assigned unique email address and team members are kept up to date with email notifications.
Reporting & Analytics
Create dashboards to manage matters by type, location or geography.
Manage Budgets & Spend
Reduce cost by tracking budgets and spend by matter, matter type, or law firm.
Mobile Access Anywhere
Access all functionality and approve matters from mobile phones or smart devices.
Centralized Storage
All matter and matter-related information is stored in one central repository making it easily accessible.
Guaranteed Compliance
Legal matters and documents are consolidated to enforce consistency and compliance.
The Power of the Platform

Onit’s Matter Management solution is a truly collaborative and innovative approach to legal matter management. Built on Onit’s flexible and robust Apptitude platform, an innovative workflow process automation engine, the platform is highly configurable and can be adapted to solve the unique needs of the most innovative legal departments, including legal spend management, enterprise legal management and contract lifecycle management. Apptitude empowers your legal team to solve real business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure. An additional advantage is that multiple Onit offerings can be combined and tightly integrated to build comprehensive legal operations solutions.

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Track Your Overall Matter Portfolio
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