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Webinar: The Future of Contracting: CLM + AI Transformation at Lenovo

Every company needs a faster and more efficient contracting process that enhances risk and spend management, improves revenue and profit margins and increases visibility into counterparty relationships. The Lenovo Legal Department’s transformation journey is delivering value to the business by centralizing the global legal transactional support resources, standardizing the contract process across the company and optimizing the process with technology.

In this webinar, Lenovo will outline their strategy for a global rollout of contract lifecycle management technology and why artificial intelligence is considered a key part of the services delivery model of the future. Some of the key themes that will be highlighted include:

  • Lenovo’s CLM evolution and transformation roadmap
  • Multi-year goals related to their contract management technology
  • Why the culture must eat change management for breakfast
  • The benefits and ROI of a single CLM platform
  • How AI is driving the future for its enhanced vision

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