Legal Holds

Software that ensures compliance by automatically notifying custodians to preserve information.

Automate Your Legal Hold Process

Onit Legal Holds helps legal departments notify custodians of their duty to preserve information in a timely manner. Built on Onit’s innovative business process automation platform, Apptitude, workflows can easily be configured to automatically assign tasks to the appropriate in-house team member and manage custodian acknowledgments. With Onit Legal Holds software, organizations can demonstrate that they have exercised the proper care to preserve and collect digital evidence to ensure that the entire organization is compliant and not at risk.

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Reduce costs while minimizing risk by automating your legal holds process.
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"One way to look at these is as alternatives to more complex enterprise systems. The truth of the matter, however, is that many organizations are probably managing these processes not through sophisticated systems, but through email. Email is not an effective process- or project management tool. Things get lost, forgotten, and misplaced. These apps are easy ways for companies and law firms to bring order to processes that may currently be closer to chaos."
Notify Custodians & Preserve Information Quickly
Onit’s legal hold solution offers a highly cost-effective way to automate your process and help reduce the ever-present risk of costly court cases.
Custodian Record Repository
Collect and store custodian acknowledgments, questions, preserve notices, and data in a secure location.
Real-time Status Tracking
Easily track the status and progress of legal holds to know where they stand in real-time.
Third-Party Integration
Effortlessly integrate with HR, document management, matter management, and a myriad of other back-end systems.
Automated Notifications
Send automated notifications and reminders to ensure compliance of your legal holds.
Automated Workflows
Workflows can be configured and automated to match your specific legal hold process.
Real-time Dashboards
Utilize real-time dashboards and report views to track the delivery of hold notifications and custodian acknowledgments.
Advanced Audit Capabilities
Gain a complete audit trail of all legal hold activity.
Ensure Compliance
Reduce cost by tracking budgets and spend by matter, matter type, or law firm. Real-time dashboards, reports, and audit trails ensure all relevant data is collected and preserved.
Rapid Deployment
Swiftly setup and deploy with little to no IT involvement so you can be up and running quickly.
Enhance Visibility
Access Onit software and real-time legal holds activity on all major web browsers and devices anytime, anywhere.
Maximize Performance
Achieve maximum performance, reliability, and scalability with Amazon AWS.
The Power of the Platform

Onit’s legal holds solution is built on Onit’s flexible and robust Apptitude platform, an innovative workflow process automation engine that makes it easy to create, modify, and deploy new solutions with powerful workflows, transaction management, and reporting capabilities. Apptitude empowers you to solve real business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure.

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Automate Your Legal Compliance
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