Webinar Alert: Maximizing the Value of Preferred Law Firm Panels with Corteva

As a publicly-traded, global pure-play agriculture company, Corteva, Inc. provides farmers around the world with a diverse mix of seed, crop protection and digital solutions focused on maximizing productivity to enhance yield and profitability. It hit $13.8 billion in global net sales in 2019 and has more than 10 million customers across 140+ countries.

Its corporate legal department – which includes more than 250 Onit Enterprise Legal Management technology users – stretches across multiple continents with thousands of invoices and hundreds of matters arriving each month.

To drive even more value through sourcing decisions, Gregg McConnell, Legal Operations Leader at Corteva, leveraged his 25+ years of experience in finance, procurement and technology to build a global panel of law firms. Using technology provided by Onit and our partner PERSUIT to support the initiative, he helped the company significantly reduce average prices across vendors – by up to 60% in some cases – and increase outside counsel engagement.

In this new Onit on-demand webinar, Gregg details how he built a global panel of preferred law firms and how technology like ELM from Onit and an outside counsel engagement platform from PERSUIT ensures maximum sustained value.

Joined by Matt DenOuden of Onit and David Falstein of PERSUIT, the presentation covers:

  • Putting rigor behind how to allocate work to your panel firms
  • Creating the right programs for different types of work (for example, IP vs. litigation)
  • Automating enforcement of panel guidelines and fee agreements
  • Evaluating panel firm effectiveness and compliance
  • Reporting on the value obtained from preferred firms

View the webinar and access the presentation slides here.

Lean into LegalOps

The webinar is part of Onit Lean into LegalOps. The online learning initiative offers legal and business professionals educational resources fueled by innovators and industry thought leaders eager to share their knowledge and ideas. Other on-demand webinars available through the program include “Building and Executing a Legal Technology Roadmap” featuring Curtis Batterton, MBA, CCMP, Legal Operations & Global Technology Manager of McDonald’s Corporation and “Quantifying Value in the Legal Department & Why the Stakes are High” featuring Kevin Clem, Chief Commercial Officer of HBR Consulting and Matt Burdman, GLO Finance Manager of Colgate-Palmolive Company.

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