Listen to Onit’s Podcast on Contract Lifecycle Management

Onit is excited to announce the premiere of episode 2 of our new podcast series! In this episode, Reagan Haisler discusses Onit’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. Starting with the unveiling of Onit’s new CLM solution at the ACC Annual Meeting in October, Reagan goes on to offer an overview of CLM. He also talks about what sets Onit apart from other CLM providers, as well as why automation is necessary to an organization. With the assurance that automation shouldn’t be a “scary” proposition at all, Reagan also reveals how a cutting-edge CLM solution allows knowledge workers to get about the business of doing what they do best – the “real” knowledge work.

Onit’s CLM solution simplifies the submission, review, approval and management of contracts in one easy to use tool. No longer will your reps have to search their inbox or hard drive for the latest version or keep an Excel spreadsheet to manage their contracts. This solution is a combination of our Contract Administration and Contract Review & Approval solutions that captures the entire contract lifecycle from initiation through approval, compliance and renewals.

We have more podcasts coming your way soon, and we look forward to your joining us! Here is a link to podcast episode 2:


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