Listen to Onit’s New Podcast About K1 Investment Management’s Strategic $200 Million Investment in Onit

We’re excited to announce our latest podcast! In episode 6, Onit CEO Eric M. Elfman discusses K1 Investment Management’s strategic $200 million investment in Onit to accelerate global growth. Eric begins by explaining the reasons why the transaction is exciting for Onit, one of which is that it validates and recognizes the company for what it has accomplished in the last eight years. Another exciting part is that it provides the funding for Onit to execute to its full potential of becoming a market leader in not only enterprise legal management, but in contract management and business workflow.

Eric continues by explaining that K1 is not interested in breaking apart companies to make a profit, but rather to invest in high-growth companies like Onit by funding their continued growth. Eric emphasized that Onit’s goal remains to grow 50-100% per year over the next five years. He went on to explain that the deal will not really affect Onit’s leadership and its teams, since K1 invested in Onit for the way the organization is currently working – they don’t want to “undo” what has been working well. As far as whether Onit’s platform will change, the intent is to continue evolving its front-end and database and scalability of product has to grow. Pricing won’t increase due to the investment, but prices will continue following ordinary trends by increasing or decreasing accordingly.

Eric closes by explaining that K1 wasn’t the only investor that knocked on our door, and that Onit wasn’t actively seeking money at the time. But since he has known K1’s founding team for more than 20 years and really likes them and their investment concept, Eric decided the time was right to close a deal and selected K1 over another close competitor.

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