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Mar 30, 2020

Onit Honors Sheroes as Part of Women’s History Month

Paige EdwardsPaige Edwards, one of Onit’s first Account Managers, is based in Houston, TX, and has played a critical role on the Account Management team over the past two years. Since Paige joined Onit, she has built a customer community where our customers are able to come together and share their stories and case studies. After Onit’s Customer Forum in March, Paige shared that the team received “so many emails and messages thanking us for the event and how we support and encourage our customers.” Paige applies Onit’s value of passion as she works through everyday tasks and chases the bigger picture. Paige believes that “passion drives your attention to energize actions and your intention to drive future transformation.”

As Paige continues to work with customers, she is starting to dip her toes more into public speaking. She would like to develop the skills to be able to command an audience and speak with ease and grace. Paige mentioned that “if you have ever watched Eric M. Elfman give a presentation, then you know exactly what I mean!” Paige’s favorite part of Onit is the opportunity for growth and the people who want to see each other succeed. Paige shared that “it’s very rare to find a culture like ours.”

Jessica LinJessica Lin is a Strategic Planning Analyst based in Houston, TX. In her role, Jessica has contributed to many of Onit’s strategic initiatives. Recently, Jessica participated in Onit’s initiative, All Hands-on Deck, during the last quarter of 2019. Through this initiative, employees were selected to lend an extra hand to the Professional Services Group team and push towards 2019 year-end goals, which were all met! Jessica shared that “it was a great experience that provided me a better understanding about the work involved to keep our clients happy.” Jessica represents Onit’s value of people through her work with the organizational health team. Jessica takes pride in “helping leadership create clarity about what’s important and improving communication throughout the company.”

Jessica is working towards establishing metrics on organizational health to make sure that Onit is focused on the right initiatives. Jessica enjoys gaining insight into different aspects of Onit while working on ad hoc strategic projects. She appreciates the opportunity to “work with highly motivated and intelligent leaders in the company.”


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